DealBench invests in early stage companies.

What's the DealBench?

DealBench is an early stage investor based in Houston, Texas and Montecito, California. Originally, it was an early business communication and collaboration platform operated by Enron Net Works.

DealBench was acquired in 2003 by Atlas Acquisitions, Inc from Enron’s spectacular bankruptcy. The company failed. Fast. Since then, mistakes were made, successes were earned, and it all started here.

Today, DealBench is our family’s continually evolving investment vehicle. (We accept no outside investments.)

We partner with founders in the early stages of their journey for as long as it takes. We invest more in people than in a specific plan. Because, “everybody has a plan”. We love clear paths to cash, recurring revenues, and crazy founders. We fund fast and cheer loud. And, after purposeful decisions are made, we NEVER EVER second-guess founders.

We will make more mistakes in the future, but like the sign on the door says, “Let’s make better mistakes tomorrow.”

Welcome to DealBench.


DealBench Portfolio

Axiom Retail Energy investment
Fila Manila investment

Syndicated Portfolio